News: Four questions to ask yourself when you have to make a big decision

FastCompany has an interesting article on decision making where they outline four key questions. In particular, ‘what does my gut say?’:

…While your gut shouldn’t be the deciding factor (research shows that it often contains biases that override our rational thoughts), you shouldn’t ignore it altogether. At the very least, your “gut feeling” is an indication of your emotions toward a particular outcome. Once you processed that particular emotion and understand where it comes from, you’re in a much better space to make a rational decision, and less likely to be clouded by them….

More here.

But how to do this in a rigorous way? This is very much the way we think of decisions at GridRank – leveraging that ‘gut feeling’ in order to turn a ‘subjective’ view into an objective number. For example, in estimating the most important software features to include in a software release.

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