What Is An Evaluation?

Each time a game is played (i.e. submitted), the account of the Game Master that created the game is decremented by 1.  Only played games count as an evaluation, in other words, if a Game Master invites someone to play a game and that person doesn’t play the game, the Game Master’s evaluation count is left untouched.

How many evaluations do I currently have?  In the Game Master Dashboard page (shown below),

there’s a Person Icon to the left of the Sign Out link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  Click on the Person Icon.  Next, your GridRank Profile Page appears (see image below), this page shows your Username and the Evaluations Remaining in your account.

Need more Evaluations?  When you first create an account in GridRank, you are given 5 free evaluations.  When those are exhausted, you need to make a purchase.  To do so, simply click the Purchase link (blue text) in your GridRank Profile Page (see above).  When you click that button, the Purchase Page appears (see below).


To Make a Purchase – simply select the number of evaluations you wish to purchase, the cost will update on the screen, then press the Pay with Card button and that will enable you to make the purchase using a standard credit card.  When the transaction is completed, you will receive on-screen confirmation, an email confirmation, and your Profile Page will contain the total number of Evaluations in your account.


To read more about terminology used in GridRank, click here

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