What are Evaluation Criteria?

Evaluation Criteria or simply criteria are the goals to which each option is evaluated against.  Every game has at least one evaluation criteria as determined by the Game Master.  If a game has more than one criteria, the total sum of all the criteria weights must equal 1.  The weights for each criterion are entered into the game during game set-up by the Game Master.  If the Game Master wants to make all the criteria weights the same, he must take the total number of weight and divide that into 1, then enter the result into the weight field for each criterion.  For example, if there are 5 criteria in a game, he would enter 0.2 (1/5) for each criterion.  If the Game Master wants input from the group on the weights for each criterion, he can create a Weighted Criteria game to achieve group consensus.   See this blog post for an example.

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