Why Can’t I Invite Players to My Games?

You’ve been using GridRank for a while now.  You’ve created games and invited players.  All was good, but now you’ve logged into GridRank created a new game and the “+” that used to sit above your players list (see below), is gone.


Is this a bug or is it intentional?  Actually, it’s intentional.  What’s happened is that you’ve run out of evaluations.  Each time a game is played (i.e. submitted), the account of the Game Master, which is you (the game creator) is decremented by 1. Click here to learn more about an evaluation.

When you first created your account in GridRank, you are given 5 free evaluations.  When those are exhausted, you need to buy more evaluations so that you can invite players.  To learn how to purchase more evaluations,  click here.

After you make your purchase, return to the Game Master dashboard and the “+” will reappear (see below).

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